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Family owned Artisan Pizza

  • Crafted with care from scratch for an unparalleled Pizza experience.

  • Our dough undergoes a slow fermentation process for optimal flavor.

  • We use the best ingredients for each pizza we create.

  • Always fresh baked to ensure the most tantalizing taste!


Don't forget about our delicious frozen pizza options - pre-order

and pick up in store or have it delivered to your door! 

We invite you to join THE DOUGHFELLAS family for a pizza like no other!


I had a pizza this weekend at my friend's house, amazing! When I smelled the Portuguese Pizza, WOW. Than I ate it, oh my God!

Nelson T.

Everything was great!!! We loved the breads, pizzas and the dessert... everything was delicious. We've already recommended to all our friends! Thanks a lot

Cristine A.

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